1 Jun 2011

Three Cheers for the Recession!

Is it wrong to think like this or do we, as a culture, have to go through suffering to get to the other side? I say suffering, but of course, many people throughout the world, typically in non-western countries, might be living the suffering that we fear every day...

From an article in 'The Land Magazine', "Three Cheers for the Recession":
Those whose lifestyle has been over dependent upon illusionary wealth will have to readjust, but collectively we have lost nothing more than a foolish mirage. House prices may tumble, but houses don't: there are as many as before (indeed more, thanks to all those empty office blocks ripe for conversion). Businesses may collapse, but the means of production don't evaporate. People may lose their jobs, but they still have their limbs and their brains. The land that provides our food doesn't disappear beneath the waves just because the pound sterling or the Dow Jones Industrial Index dives into the sea. We have nothing to lose but our illusions.

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